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When you are looking for chimney services it is important to be cautious. There are no industry-wide standards or regulations for chimney sweeps.  You could pay thousands of dollars for your installation or to fix your chimney leak, only to have it done halfway or incorrectly. Don’t make that mistake! That’s why it’s important to make sure that you have a CSIA certified specialist. Our techs wear that badge proudly here at Carolina Chimney Services.

Cory Schafer CEO of Carolina Chimney Services

Cory Schafer: Carolina Chimney CSIA Certified Chimney Technician

CSIA Chimney Technicians

Is your fireplace smoking?

Are you getting smoke stains?
If your chimney is not drafting properly then there will be excess smoke. Check these things: Did you open your damper? Are you using only dry, seasoned wood? Did you warm your flue beforehand? If you can't say yes to all of these things, it may be time for a chimney inspection.
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Could your chimney be leaking?

Do you know the signs?
Is there a musty or damp smell after it rains? Are there dripping sounds inside your chimney? Are there water stains on the ceiling or around your fireplace? If yes, you may have a leaky chimney. But, many leaky chimneys can go completely undetected, so contact us for an inspection.
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Do you have creosote buildup?

Could you be at risk for a house fire?
Creosote buildup can be a very dangerous situation. If you have had a chimney fire, can ever smell asphalt coming from your chimeny or have not had your chimney cleaned in over a year, it's time to be sure that your fireplace is cleaned out.
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Our CSIA Process

Our technicians follow the 3 levels of inspection as outlined by nfpa211.


When we first get to your home, our certified chimney technician will take a look at your chimney’s condition, as well as the cap. They will also  look at your fireplace inside. They will check and inspect for any damages and assess any repairs that might be needed. Using our chimney camera they will inspect the inside of your system from bottom to top.  


Next, they will take care to prepare the area for the cleaning. Our technicians will lay drop cloths so that when our process is complete, your home is just as clean as when we got there.

Industrial Tools

Using an industrial vacuum to extract any soot and creosote, our technicians will use chimney brushes the length of the flue to thoroughly clean your chimney.

Inside and Out

Our chimney sweeping process involves both cleaning from the outside going down and the inside going up. Small brushes will also be used on the smoke chamber as well.

Small Parts Inspected

If you have a stove or there are baffles or chimney connectors, these small parts will be removed and inspected if needed.

Cleanup and Report

When we are convinced that your fireplace or stove and chimney have been fully inspected and cleaned, we will clean up the areas and provide you with a full report of our findings and assessment.

Satisfaction Guarantee with Carolina Chimney Services

At Carolina Chimney Services we stand behind our work and are committed to your satisfaction.