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Leaky chimneys, chimney maintenance and upkeep, specialty sheet metal fabrication --we have it "covered."

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The Carolina Chimney Services Team
Cory Schafer CEO of Carolina Chimney Services

Cory Schafer



Cory Schafer

I believe that every customer should have VIP service. We pride ourselves on being able to service you in a speedy manner with QUALITY.

If we can’t help you in a timely way then we will refer you to the other reputable nearby companies.

But, with speedy service being our priority, we never sacrifice quality. My motto for the team is: Make it right, before you make it fast. 

You are a valued customer and we welcome you! 

After growing up on a farm in Michigan, Cory Schafer missed working with his hands. So after a buddy encouraged him to pursue a career in the fireplace industry, he decided to take a chance.

In 2005 he started working as a subcontractor with Fireside Hearth and Homes. After noticing their supplier lacked the quality they wanted for the chimney products they were using, Cory began his own sheet metal fabrication shop in 2006.

By 2007 Cory began doing the specialty work for Glenco Fireplaces (They are still one of CCS’s largest clients.) It was at this time that he also trained as a CSIA chimney sweep.

In 2010 Cory and a business partner began Carolina Chimney Services and became a full-service one-stop shop for all your fireplace needs. Rock jobs, drywall, painting, full chases, they did it all. Eventually, they also took over all of Glenco Fireplace caps and install work, and only had a small 400 sq ft shop.

In February of 2018, Carolina Chimney Services purchased a 6,000 sq ft building. They began working with sheet metal, primarily making stainless steel chimney caps marketed to chimney professionals.

In 2021 after adding another certified chimney sweep to their team, Carolina Chimney Services opened their full-service chimney work. CCS now has two successful and vital divisions: quality in-home chimney care, and sheet metal specialty fabrication for service professionals.

Cory Schafer is president of the SC Chimney Sweep Guild.

The South Carolina Chimney Sweep Guild

Megan Shockley

General Manager

Jenna Cannady

Office Manager

William Ervin

Shop Foreman

Thomas McCurley

Shop Assistant Manager

Joseph Ervin

Field Supervisor

Marshall Reynolds

Gas Technician